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Our classes are monday through friday 5:00 am to 8:30am / 12:00pm to 1:30pm / 5:00pm to 10:00pm.

Saturday: 8:00am to 12:00pm


Classes ran by Coaches: Anthony Lazo (Head Coach), Ismael “IZZY Silva III (Assistant Coach).

Strength and conditioning
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Open Gym
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  •   No question about a 5-star review on this gym! I've been working out for about 20 years and I do know it is not easy to find a "good gym" although you can find a gym at every corner nowadays. ¬†This is not the gym where a coach want you to just finish WOD on a white board quickly or just lift heavy. Coaches at Valhalla care about you. They pay attention to each of us during the class and care about that you keep right postures and forms and you do each movement properly. ¬†With their broad knowledge they can pinpoint how you can improve your movement and lifting and they can patiently show and explain you the movement until you get it. Trust me, I have had a lower back issue (torn disk) and gave up lifting once but now I finally know how to deal with my back and started lifting again with their help. For a fitness novice it might look intimidating but don't feel that way! Gym owners, coaches, and everyone at the gym are very friendly and welcoming to new people so just stop by. You do one class and you are a part of the gym now by killing their hardcore workout program together no matter what level you are!

    thumb Aya K.
  •   If you ever wanted to become a Viking now is your chance at Valhalla strength! I've trained at many places in the past 10 years and whenever I come to Valhalla Strength I am always sore the next day. The coaches "Izzy" and Anthony are great and down to earth people who guide you through the movements well. The program feels like a crossfit style workout in the sense that there is a "WOD". The program is broken down into a warm up, workout, and cool down. Each class is custom tailored and follows an 8 week mesocycle. Be sure to bring a towel for your sweat, and plenty of water, although they do supply water for you.

    To survive the Valhalla Strength workouts I have to channel my Inner Thor. There are workouts I have never done before that completely leave my in soreness when I leave. Parking is spacious here in this complex and it is never crowded. You can use the place for open gym so if you enjoy doing some olympic lifting such as cleans, snatches, jerks, etc you'll find the place to use it.

    The pricing is beyond fair at this place which was one of the main factors I came here over training facilities closer to me. This "Hole in the wall" type of place is new compared to other facilities but the trainers have years of experience.

    As a healthcare professional and fitness professional I can say these guys know what they're doing and I am excited to go to each class here!

    thumb Andrew C.
  •   Valhalla strength company is simply amazing place. Just started attending this gym for about 2 months and you will never find a place like this. Coaches are nice and welcoming not to mention their workout program is awesome. I have never workout like this in my entire life! They also have late 8 pm class unlike other gyms which closes early. Come and join Valhalla strength company!

    thumb Brandon O.
  •   Every time I step foot in this gym, I'm filled with the motivation to reach my fitness goals. From the comradery you feel from every person you meet, to the brand new equipment, efficient exercise routines and the expertly crafted meal preps; everything about this place is essential to getting you where you want to be. They have classes early morning and at night, though even when I come in during the day, head coach Anthony is there to give me one on one training and he even does the workout with me! Talk about motivation, it makes it so easy to stay dedicated! Thank guys!

    thumb Alexandre B.

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