Our Classes

Our classes are monday through friday 5:00 am to 8:30am / 12:00pm to 1:30pm / 5:00pm to 10:00pm.

Saturday: 8:00am to 12:00pm


Classes ran by Coaches: Anthony Lazo (Head Coach), Ismael “IZZY Silva III (Assistant Coach).

Strength and conditioning
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Open Gym
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  •   First time stepping into a gym like this I felt like I wouldn't be able to keep up, already knows the routines, they have their goals and I'm starting fresh so there's is always that im going to be judge for not being able to keep up. But that wasn't the case. Everybody was so welcoming and helpful to get you started. There's no pressure, only cheerful motivation to keep you going. There's no extreme workouts that make you feel like you would come out injured, only leaving you wanting to go harder the next time.

    thumb Ardonius G.
  •   No matter what your fitness goals are VALHALLA WILL GET YOU THERE!!

    I've been at Valhalla a little over a month now & so far I'm extremely excited for what benefits this gym has brought me.
    After 5 months of not stepping a foot at a gym (due to an injury) I've been slimming down & toning up.

    Valhalla has the commitment and background with its athletic/professional trainers. -Anthony, Izzy and Daniel know the technics of personal training but also understand the mobility science. They will help you reach your fitness goals, without getting injured. And no doubt will these guys constantly push you everyday to be stronger & better!
    I decided to join this box because I knew i would benefit from it. I would have someone motivate me but still monitor to prevent any injuries.

    Besides the health benefits I truly love this place. The owners/trainers are super down to earth and extremely hilarious! No other gym can compare!

    I highly recommend Valhalla  %!!
    EVERYONE will encourage you, push you and you'll have lots of fun working out!

    P.S Tell them Dee sent ya!

    thumb Diana F.
  •   Super amazing team! Amazing gym. The ambiance makes it easy to workout! Definitely recommend you give it a try if you're looking for a gym that feels like family.

    thumb Erika A.
  •   To be honest, I felt very intimidated by the workouts and the equipment at first (having never used, or heard of, most of them and being new to strength training!), but the coaches made it very clear and helpful on how to handle everything in a safe and effective manner. Coach Anthony and Coach Izzy are always attentive on our forms, and are both very knowledgeable of not just the workouts and equipment, but how it affects/strengthens your body as well. They even explain the importance of recovery and stretching. They always have answers to my many questions! And they know everyone by name, which makes the environment much more welcoming.

    Although, their friendliness and helpfulness is not to be confused with leeway! These workouts are tough, and so are the coaches (in the best way possible, of course)! They always motivate you to push, push, PUSH throughout the workouts and encourage to not give up or go slightly heavier every time to help you further know of your strength. They also emphasize a lot on making sure the quality of your movements are done right, as opposed to how many you could do, which obviously aids in becoming stronger. I came in here never having touched a barbell or lifted in my life. Now I can squat, lift, and press heavier than I'd ever imagine. And I'm only getting stronger! Move over Hulk! (Jk...maybe)

    The gym itself is very spacious, well-managed, and clean. Equipment is of superb quality and there's always enough for everyone. The hours are also convenient, having both morning and evening hours.

    And did I mention that they have a gym dog? If that doesn't sell you, the rest of my review better have! Joining Valhalla has been one of the greatest things I've ever done, because it's not just a gym. It's a family! Members and coaches are all looking out for each other, and it's just good vibes all around. So don't be hesitant! Just join! Join! Join!

    thumb Jean F.

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