About us

Valhalla Strength Company was established 2016, by Founders Daniel Kim, Biviana Amezcua and Anthony Lazo. The founders had a deep passion for fitness from the nutrition aspect all the way to the performance and aesthetics of it. Wanting to revolutionize what the general idea of what fitness means, they set off the create a facility where any level athlete can become stronger, faster, more mobile and flexible while being in an environment that encourages growth.

Valhalla is set to change the fitness world with the right knowledge, experience and passion. We Welcome you to our dreams come to fruition.

Our Gym

Specializing in a wide range of athletic development including functional movement training, speed and agility, strength development, mobility and flexibility and conditioning. All aspects are forged synergistically to bring out accelerated results for any level athlete from beginner to advanced, all while preventing injuries or damages.

All classes will focus on a phase by phase process including PreHab (Warm up phase) that ensures muscle activation and warming of ligaments, this prevents muscle strain and injury.

A Strength conditioning portion will then start to maximize strength gains and developing proper form for major Olympic lifts and compound movements.

On the strength portion has been completed the head coach will run a stamina portion that provides a way for athletes to ignite fat loss and increase endurance.

All classes will end with a cool down period to maximize recovery and minimize soreness.

Open gym is also available at designated times.